Monday, 29 August 2016

Review: Olivia Beauty & The Olive Tree Shower Gel

Hi loves! Today I have for you something I picked up when I was in Greece. If you missed the haul post I did some weeks a go, you can check it out here. I picked up Olivia Beauty & The Olive Tree Shower Gel (300 ml, 7.95 EUR), because I forgot to take with me one and I'm so happy I decided to go with this one.

Olivia is a greek brand and they makes beautiful hair and body products with olive extract. They also have range called Fusion, which are infused with different greek fruits and also organic olive oil extract. I have yet to try that range, but it sounds promising. 

The shower gel comes in a plastic squeeze bottle and its easy to get the product out. Its based on organic extracts from olives and olive leaves and is rich with vitamin E, which is known for its antioxidant properties. The formula doesn't contain any parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors, silicons, EDTA, propylene glycol, phthalates , PCM, NM and animal origin ingredients.

It feels light weight on skin and has a nice foam to it. It feels gentle on skin and cleanses well. It leaves my skin so soft and it doesn't feel dried out or too tight when I get out of the shower. I still do moisturize my skin. I have noticed the different when using this shower gel or my other shower gels from drugstore. Its so nourishing and leaves my skin soft.

I love the scent it leaves to my skin. I'm obsessed with the olive scent at the moment. Every time I smell it, I remember my vacation in Greece and all the good food I ate. It does contain fragrance, which some beauties might not like, but it hasn't irritate my skin.

I'm more then happy I discover the brand and this shower gel, as it has been a pleasure to use it. I can't wait to start testing out other products from the brand.

If you like the sound of it, I'll in it here (Belgium and Netherlands)and here (US readers).

There is giveaway going on, on my other blog. You can check it out here.

Which is your favorite body care product at the moment?

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Review: Korres Pomegranate Moisturising Cream-Gel

Hi loves! Today's review is something for all the beauties with oily skin like myself. Korres Pomegranate Moisturising Cream-Gel (40 ml, 22.36 EUR) is light weight cream for oily to combination skin.

Korres is a Greek brand and 80%-99.8% of the ingredients are from natural origins.  The cream comes in a glass jar, which might not be ideal packaging for everyone. I use a q-tip to get the product out, that way I don't need go into it with my finger.

The formula of it is not completely gel, its between a gel and traditional cream. The texture is light weight and it sinks into the skin easily. The formula is with out parbens, sulfates and phthalates. It formulated with 15% pomegranate water, pomegranate extract, alpine willowherb, tannins, and polyphenols. These help to makes the pores smaller and provide matte finish to the skin. 

Other creams like this in the past have made my skin more dry and dehydrated, but not with this one. This contain hyaluronic and salicylic acids, which offers the skin instant moisture boost. 

I have been using it over a month now and I have notice my skin is not as oily and my makeup applies better and last longer. At the moment I'm going through weird period with my skin, because I broke out a lot, after I got back from vacation, so I cant say about my skin texture. Its not from this cream and its getting better now, and everything is healing. 

I think its a fantastic cream for oil skin and has been perfect for me this summer, it has kept my oiliness under control, with out drying my skin out. 

If you are interested in this cream and you are local (in Belgium) you can find it here and readers from US, I'll link it here.

If you have oily skin, which is your favorite day time moisturizer?

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Review: Ontic Minerals Pearl Highlighter

Hi loves! How are you all doing? I'm happy to be back home and enjoy the cooler weather. I do love hot weather, but sometimes it can be too much. Today I have for you guys Ontic Minerals Pearl Highlighter (3 g, 14.95 EUR) and its maid in Estonia.

The highlighter comes in a jar and is loose powder, so it can be messy to use, because I can't close the holes and the product does come out, specially when I would travel with it.

The powder itself is light weight and gives a very natural highlight, which can be build up (which I have done on the swatch down below). I like how natural it looks and it doesn't make me look oily (its something I'm always afraid, because of my oily skin type).

I have been using it on and off for months and it hasn't irritated or broken my skin out. It also lasted all day on me, even when my skin got oily and I powdered my face, I noticed my highlighter was on place ;)

Do you like mineral makeup?

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Review: Joik Bronzing Dry Bodyoil

Hi beauties! I'm happy to share with you all my new favorite body oil, which is from Joik. I picked up their Bronzing Dry Bodyoil (100 ml, 16.90 EUR) the last time I was in Estonia. 

The dry oil comes in a bottle, which has a spray and makes it super comfortable to use. It does spray out the product evenly. The formula is with carrot oil and natural minerals. It also contains coconut oil and rice bran oil, which together with the carrot oil helps to moisturize the skin effectively and it doesn't leave the skin greasy or sticky.

Before I use it I shake it up really well, because it does contain some gorgeous shimmer in it. Once its all evenly mixed together I'll spray it on my legs, arms and really everywhere where I'll show skin. I use my hands to massage it into my skin and it does apply evenly. At first I was worried how the shimmer will work out for me, will it make me look like a disco ball or is it going to be uneven. It just gives a glow to the skin. It does bronze up the skin when I don't have a tan working for me, but it also looks gorgeous with a tan, giving the skin some depth and a glow. It also hydrates the skin, which I really needs this time of the year and leaves it also leaves it soft.

I'm so happy I picked this product up. I love Joik as a brand and they have huge range of products to choose from. I like all their products are 100% natural, vegan, not tested on animals and gluten free. If you are interested checking out this beauty, I'll link it here

Which is your favorite Joik product?

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Beauty Haul: Olivolio Botanics, Olivia, Mastic Spa

Hi loves! Today I have for you natural beauty haul and all the products mentioned here are from Greece. I had no idea how many natural beauty brands Greece has to offer. I picked up most of the products from a store called Natura Greca (link, they had that time I was there 20% off). They were so helpful when I wanted to check out every brand they had in store and the selection was huge. Its located in Rhodes, which is gorgeous place for vacation and shopping new skincare ;)

I picked up 3 products from brand called Olivolio Botanics. First 2 items are from their Argan Oil range and you guys already know how much I love beauty products with argan oil in it. I got their 100% Moroccan Organic Argan Oil Hair Mask (250 ml, 10.90 EUR - full price) and its for all hair types and promise to nourish and hydrate the hair. I like on package their say the product is made of dreams :)

The second item from the same argan range is a skincare item and I got their Restoring & Firming Serum (30 ml, 22.90 EUR), which is also with 100% Moroccan Organic Argan Oil. Its not tested on animals and it promises to give long lasting hydration, which my skin needs at the moment. I totally got burned on the beach :/ My skin can't take Greece sun for 5 hours.

The last item from the brand is a body butter and its their Donkey Milk (250 ml, 14.90), which smelled so good in the store that I needed it! Its extra moisturizing body butter, which fits all skin types.

Then I picked up a face mask from brand called Mastic Spa and its their Deep Hydra Mask (50 ml). Its for 27+ and its for dehydrated skin. My skin is more oily, but when I picked it up I had sunburn and my skin felt really dry. I'll let you guys know once I have try it. I like its peel off mask, it makes it bit different then other hydrating masks I have tried.

These next items I picked up in a pharmacy, but the brand is available in the store I picked up other items. I went in for sunscreen and ended up buying some body care items as well. My first pick was Olivia Beauty & The Olive Tree Shower Gel (300 ml). I have already used it and absolutely love it! Its rich with vitamin E and the formula is gentle to the skin.

The next item is from the same brand its also for body. I picked their Ultra Lightweight & Hydrating Creamy Body Butter Melon & Pepper (200 ml, 8 EUR). Its sounds interesting, but I can't even imagine how the scent is and I don't want to open it before I use up my other body cream. Its going to be a surprise for me :D 

The last 2 items are also from Olivia and its their Shampoo for norma hair (300 ml, it was in a gift set with the shower gel and was around 14 EUR) and Conditioner for dry and dehydrated hair (300 ml, 8 EUR). 

I feel I got something for every part of my body, but there was so much more to try. I did hold myself back with the shopping, but I'll definitely go back, if its not available where I'm located. Greece also has to offer good food and the weather was amazing! I have lived in Netherlands/Belgium so long that, when there is more then 3 days blue sky it surprises me. 

Anyway, I hope you guys like this post and I'll see you in my next one!

Thanks for reading! xo's

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Review: Himalaya Herbals Apricot Scrub

Hi loves! I'm using a face scrub every evening and at the moment I'm trying out Himalaya Herbals Apricot Scrub (75 ml).

The scrub comes in a white plastic squeeze tube. Its light enough to take with me when traveling, which I have done now (thats why the pictures are the way they are, no flowers). Its easy to squeeze out as much product as I want and it does smell like apricot. It not my favorite scent for skincare item, as its too warm scent for me. I like something more citrus (I did got in in a beauty box. I don't think I would have picked it up on my own).

The formula of it is creamy with little beads in it, which exfoliate the skin and it does feel gentle on skin. Its with vitamin E, which nourishes the skin. The key ingredients are Apricot, Wheatgerm Oil (rich with vitamin E) and Apple. The formula is with out parabens, SLS/SLES and phthalates. Also their products are natural and contain special herbs.
How to use:
Like I said I like to use it in the evenings, because I have oily skin and large pores and I feel like my skin needs the extra cleansing it provides. Its recommended to use 2-3 times a week. I apply bit of it on my damp skin and use circular motion to massage my face with it and I do it 1 minute. 

After that I wash it off and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I do like it doesn't strip my skin, so I don't get any uncomfortable feeling from it (like too tight skin).

Overall I'm impressed with it. Its perfect for people who are looking gentle face scrub. I like the hydrating formula it has and how comfortable my skin feels after I have used it. It has been perfect for 
this time of the year as the summer does have its effect on my skin.

You can check out all their products here. I will want to try more of their products in the future, if you are familiar with the brand and have recommendations let me know in the comments below.

Which is your favorite face scrub? Do you like more creamy scrubs or gel based scrubs? 

Thanks for reading! xo's

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Review: Amanprana Razoli

Hi beauties! Summer is time when its all about smooth legs and I have been testing out Amanprana Razoli (100 ml, 34.95 EUR) and I did get it free to review. Its 100% natural and organic, and it can be used all over the body.

Razoli comes in a glass bottle and has twist off cap, which is not ideal packaging in my oppinion, because it gets all oily and it would be so handy if it would come with a pump and way more comfortable to use. As I mentioned before it can be used all over the body, it can be used to shave legs, armpits and also pubic hair.

The formula contains extra vinegar olive, coconut and almond oil, which work together with essential oils to repair wounds and irritant areas and also eradicate bacteria. It also contains natural vitamin E and carotenes, which keep skin young and supple. Its also free of parabens, chemicals, alcohol, paraffin and wax.

I like it can be used wet and dry and they recommend massaging the Razoli into the skin and first shave in the direction the hair grows and then against it. 

The oil itself is light weight and spreads easily over the skin. It has a light citrus scent to it, which smells so refreshing and makes shaving easier.

I have been now using it for few weeks now and it does give me way closer shave and I have noticed my legs stay smooth longer. At the same time it conditions my skin and leaves it softer and hydrated. I have also used it on other parts on my body and it works well. I haven't experience any skin irritation. 

It is a pricy item, but I don't need to use a lot at once. I also like its natural and contains good ingredients and is cruelty free.

If you are interested in this item I'll link it here. They have other natural products as well, like their mouth oil, which I did review (link) on my other blog.

Have you tried shaving oils before?

Thanks for reading! xo's